Alfa Laval at BrauBeviale 2023

Integrate Climate action with every brew at the Alfa Laval Stand 7-249. Join us to discover how you can improve yield and efficiency with reduced energy and water consumption. Create a more sustainable brewing process, without compromising on quality with Alfa Laval.

Climate action with every brew 

Ready to take the next step to sustainable brewing? Come and meet Alfa Laval's brewery experts and let’s show you how Alfa Laval’s solutions enable climate action, creating a greener, more sustainable industry.

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Practical information

When: 28 - 30 November 2023

Where: Hall 7, Stand 7-249

Address: Exhibition Centre Nuremberg, Germany

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Showcased solutions

Brew series



Achieve 75% lower energy usage than traditional centrifuges. From clarifying wort to aiding in yeast separation and beer recovery, achieve higher yields, meet shifts in demand and maintain profitability. 


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ThinkTop Valve Control Unit



With their precise control and monitoring capabilities and ability to handle vibration and thermal expansion, these valve control units minimize water and cleaning media usage with up to a 90% reduction in water consumption.  

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Reduce dry hopping to half a day. Our Alhop helps you achieve higher extraction rates, reduce hop wastage, and resource consumption. Easy to integrate, ensure a seamless transition to sustainable brewing without compromising quality or efficiency.  

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Plate heat exchangers



Reduce your greenhouse gas emissions with up to 15% improvement in energy efficiency with our Hygienic line heat exchangers. We have the market’s widest heat exchange portfolio, so you can be confident that whatever your choice, you’ll get optimal heat recovery, resulting in cost savings, reduced carbon footprint and improved sustainability performance. 

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Revos concentration system



A sustainable solution for efficient liquid concentration. Reduce transportation costs by up to 80%, minimize carbon footprint, and optimize energy consumption. Revos enables resource recovery and promotes reuse, enhancing sustainability and cost savings for breweries. 


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Re-draft system



The Alfa Laval Re-draft system is a compact, post-mix dispensing system that rehydrates beer and beverage concentrate at the point of consumption. The Alfa Laval Re-draft system is a compact, post-mix dispensing system that rehydrates beer and beverage concentrate at the point of consumption. 


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Have you seen our Revos™ presentation at BrauBeviale 2023?

You can download the presentation on the Alfa Laval Revos ™ concentration system here.


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