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Alfa Laval committed to net-zero in Middle East and supports ambitious sustainability pledges in the region

Alfa Laval committed to net-zero in Middle East and supports ambitious sustainability pledges in the region  
Alfa Laval products provide sustainable solutions for businesses in the Middle East with a reduction in carbon emissions

Dubai, UAE – March 7, 2022: Alfa Laval, a leading global company offering its expertise, products and service in the areas of energy, marine, and food and water, drastically improves energy efficiency and sustainability in the Middle East region.

Alfa Laval recently hosted a net-zero insight and innovation event, hosted under the theme ‘Innovation that accelerates sustainable solutions’ with engaging discussions around the newest challenges faced by the industries Alfa Laval operates in. With a spectacular line-up of speakers and presentations, the event sparked innovation imagination on the need to decarbonize the global economy while also producing more energy to meet growing demand.

“We value long-lasting partnerships with our customers and actively collaborate on industry leading net-zero practices,” said Sergio Hicke, Alfa Laval’s President of India, Middle East & Africa. “Solving challenges for businesses sparks our imagination and we constantly find innovative ways to assist in the transition away from the carbon economy. We do our best to provide greater thermal efficiency in the Middle East with our imagination driving us towards greater innovation.”  

The rapid pace of development in the region provides excellent opportunities to support clean energy from the outset with Alfa Laval promoting innovative solutions for the bold visionaries driving change. Alfa Laval is strengthening its business relationships in the Middle East, collaborating as an industry leader to drive a sustainable energy-efficient future.

Energy efficiency, clean energy, and the circular economy are the core of Alfa Laval’s sustainability offering in the Middle East, and the heart of what the company can help its customers achieve. Alfa Laval’s heat transfer and separation technologies have an immediate and sustained effect on the need to meet increasing energy demands and dramatically reduce carbon emissions.

The transition to natural refrigerants with a lower climate impact is a major current trend in the global heating and cooling industry, and Alfa Laval is leading the way with heat exchangers that are adapted to the new requirements its customers face. Alfa Laval is also home to the latest thinking about the value of material and resource-efficient processes, which may be the smartest way to boost profits, cut costs, and improve sustainability.

Alfa Laval is proactively leading a reduction in carbon emissions for Middle Eastern governments, supporting the ambitious net-zero targets in the region. With the UAE pledging net-zero by 2050 and Saudi Arabia by 2060, Alfa Laval reduces carbon emissions in sectors that are difficult to decarbonize, reducing cost for businesses with industry leading energy-efficiency.

Alfa Laval is capitalising on the momentum in the Middle East as countries show leadership and initiative on tackling issues of climate change. As countries transition from hydrocarbons to a net-zero future, Egypt will host COP 27, the international climate conference, in 2022 and the UAE will host COP 28 in 2023.

 “The Middle East region is an exciting hotbed of innovation with ambitious governments at the forefront, driving the net-zero agenda for businesses,” said Hicke. “Our industry leading technology meets the high demands for energy-efficiency in the Middle East and Alfa Laval is committed to the net-zero pledges in the region.”

Recent fuels and technology initiatives include the green hydrogen value chain, renewable diesel, and Alfa Laval’s cutting-edge new heat exchangers, the ACK540 range, AC65, TS45, and PCHE HyblocTM took centre-stage at the event. The Alfa Laval Service centre team are also launching products such as Zero Liquid Discharge.

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