Flow transmitter

Alfa Laval flow transmitters are electromagnetic precision meters used to measure the volumetric flow rate of electrically conductive liquids. Hygienically designed, these are excellent choices for use in the dairy, food and biopharm industries.

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High precision flow measurement

Alfa Laval flow transmitters are bi-directional electromagnetic precision meters used to provide accurate process flow measurement of electrically conductive liquids. They are especially suitable for installations where solid particles are present in the liquid. With no moving parts and no pressure drop, these flow transmitters provide high accuracy, excellent long-term stability and performance.

Durable hygienic flow transmitter design

Alfa Laval flow transmitters feature a sturdy waterproof design. Other hygienic features, such as the (PFA) Teflon coating on the interior of the metering tube and completely embedded, hermetically sealed electronics, contribute to long service life of these magnetic inductive flow transmitters.

Compact and easy to install

Designed for tight mounting positions, standard Alfa Laval flow transmitters are delivered with pre-set factory pulse output signals to facilitate installation. The standard output is a pulse signal (0 to 1000 Hz) with a resolution of either 0.01 or 0.1 liter/pulse. Analogue 4-20 mA output and advanced display-enabling features are available as options.

Terminals for electrical connection are marked with both number and function; all cables can be threaded through three PG-11 cable glands.

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Product Benefits

  • High accuracy
  • Durable hygienic flow transmitter design
  • Compact and easy to install

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How it works

Operating principle

The Alfa Laval flow transmitter is a magnetic inductive flow transmitter that operates according to Faraday’s law of electromagnetic induction. It consists of a metering pipe and two magnetic coils. When a current is applied to the coils, a magnetic field is produced at right angles to the metering pipe.

The liquid to be measured flows through the metering pipe perpendicular to the magnetic field. It acts as a conductor and induces an electrical voltage. Two sensing electrodes mounted in the metering pipe measure this voltage. The voltage is proportional to the average flow velocity and therefore accurately reflects the volume of the liquid flowing through the tube.

Constructed to handle multiple liquids

The Alfa Laval flow transmitter uses a square measurement chamber. The shape of the measurement chamber significantly reduces the influence of viscosity, type of liquid, and flow profiles. It also eliminates any need for recalibration when changing product, for instance, from milk to water.



The microprocessor in the transmitter controls the current generator to maintain a constant magnetic field. The voltage across the electrodes is amplified and converted to a digital value from which the microprocessor calculates the volume of the liquid flowing through the tube.