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Contherm scraped surface heat exchangers

The Contherm scraped-surface heat exchangers are designed for heating and cooling operations in the continuous and semi-continuous processing of many food, health and beauty aid products.

Contherm 刮板式换热器

Many prepared food products would quickly foul normal types of heat exchangers, because they’re viscous or sticky, contain particles or alter state when heated.

The new generation of Contherm scraped-surface heat exchangers from Alfa Laval is updated with four new performance enhancements that extend the capabilities of the Contherm range. This means enhanced food safety initiatives, even more gentle treatment of the product and improved resistance to wear and chemical corrosion. An upgrading service named, ConthermFlex, is also available. This gives customers with old scraped surface technology an opportunity to upgrade their equipment.
Finally, there’s a newly developed, larger Contherm 6 x 11 with 15 % more surface area and up to 25 per cent more capacity than traditional sizes.

  • new blade materials with improved physical properties compared to traditional blades. These include a unique detectable polymer that enhances food safety and food security initiatives.
  • a new three-inch tangential head, designed specifically for sanitary and food-processing applications, improves product quality by treating it more gently. It is available as an option for new Contherm heat exchangers or as a retrofit.
  • the new Alfaloy cylinder coating is a thin diamond-impregnated material that offers improved resistance to wear and chemical corrosion. Alfaloy is a cost-effective, FDA-compliant material that extends the service life of the Contherm’s other components.

Convap evaporation module

The Contherm SSHE can be modified to form the Convap evaporator, which is particularly suited to concentrating viscous products. The system normally operates under vacuum. The entrainment separator connected to the SSHE by means of a specially designed vapor head allows the separation of the concentrate from the vapor phase.

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