Thousand-litre aseptic filler

The Alfa Laval Astepo thousand-litre aseptic filler (TAF) is an extremely versatile and robust filling system designed for aseptic filling of a wide range of food and beverage products into appropriate containers under aseptic conditions.

Thousand litre aseptic filler

The TAF filler is specially designed to fill 1000 litre (300 gallons) bags in palletizable containers. Using the appropriate optional equipment and accessories, these units can also be used to fill:

  • 220 litre (55 gallons) bags in drums.
  • 5–20 litre (1–6 gallons) bags.
  • 4 bags 220 litre (55 gallons) in drums on pallets.
  • 240/400 litre (65/105 gallons) bags in carton boxes, double containers or in special designs.

How it works

How it works

The bag neck is manually inserted into the filling head to fill 5–1,000-litre bags. The automatic cycle of opening, filling and closing then begins. During this cycle, the temperatures of the steam jets and the filling valve are carefully monitored and controlled.

For 1,000-litre bags, the product enters the bag with the filling head in the down position. This solution uniformly distributes the product, especially a viscous product, within the bag, helping prevent any folding of the corners.

When using the automatic bag feeder (ABF) for 3–20-litre bags, the sequences such as bag loading, cap opening, filling and cap closing are fully automatic.


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