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AS-H Winklepress

The Alfa Laval AS-H Winklepress is a high performance belt filter press used for dewatering in municipal and industrial wastewater applications. The units use specialized processing zones to achieve consistent cake dryness at high throughput volumes with low energy and polymer requirements.

Winklepress 97 3 640px

The AS-H Winklepress comes in two models - the 97 and the WPN. The Winklepress 97 is a tried and true open unit, ideal for applications where high dry solids are required.

The Winklepress WPN is the newer, closed model that produces a 4% increase in dewatering area due to the optimized roller configuration and longer belt path. The unit also features an upgraded motor that achieves approximately 6% lower energy consumption. And the enclosed design reduces odor emissions - a popular choice of wastewater plants in more heavily populated areas.


  • Ideal for applications where the highest dry solids are required
  • Low polymer requirement
  • Low polymer cost
  • Long product life cycle
  • Easy to upgrade in the field with additional pressure zone rollers
  • Consistent cake dryness at high throughput

For more information, download the product leaflets below.