Ten top tips for Alfa Laval Contherms / Convaps

Ten top tips to keep your Alfa Laval Contherm / Convap in tip top condition

Ten top tips Alfa Laval Merco

  1. Make sure that the operating conditions (temperatures and flow rates) comply with design specifications.

  2. To start, turn on product flow, then Contherm / Convap rotor, then the media.  Remember to turn on flush seal media if so equipped when starting the rotor.

  3. Dress scraper blades regularly to optimize heat transfer and protect cylinder.

  4. Replace seal o-rings and inspect seal components, cylinder and rotor weekly or each time the system is opened for service.

  5. Monitor equipment regularly for unusual vibration indicating bearing failure or motor misalignment.

  6. Inspect and test hydraulic lifting device regularly, change hydraulic oil every six months.

  7. Never operate Contherms when void of product, water or CIP solution and never leave CIP or product in system for extended periods.

  8. Monitor effectiveness of CIP.

  9. Maintain adequate stock and only use genuine Alfa Laval spare parts and services to achieve guaranteed performance, reliability and equipment life.

  10. When in doubt, consult the Contherm Parts and Instruction Manual for all service related issues.