Refinery optimization

Alfa Laval offers a wide portfolio of process optimization services for refineries. With the support of our experienced process experts, your next refinery project will deliver maximal operating efficiency, low CAPEX and minimal environmental impact.

Optimize your condensing services

Find out how you can improve separation efficiency when designing fractionation or stripping columns. 

Exploring the possibilities

Many optimization opportunities are easily overlooked when traditional process solutions are the norm. Refinery companies are often unaware of the great possibilities their plants hold and miss out on substantial gains. Alfa Laval’s refinery experts have both the knowhow and the experience to help you identify the opportunities in your refinery with the greatest potential and shortest payback times. Contact us to learn how other refineries have upgraded their processes and discuss how we can help you boost your profitability and sustainability.

Bringing your project to a good start

We are happy to assist you with feasibility studies and facts about typical project ROI, complexity, and more, allowing you to make well-informed investment decisions. To fully exploit the possibilities offered by Alfa Laval’s solutions, you should involve our experts right from the start of your basic design work to ensure an optimized process design. Overall performance is set early in this phase and major revisions are costly and time consuming once the process design package (PDP) is completed.

Assisting your licensor or process design office

We are also happy to assist your licensor as well as external or in-house process design teams with our knowledge and experience throughout your project. Together, we optimize your processes in terms of maximized throughput, improved product yield and quality, energy efficiency, reduced CO2 emissions and utility consumption – all at minimal project CAPEX.

Well-proven solutions

We have helped refineries optimize their processes for more than 30 years. There are several thousand Alfa Laval heat exchangers installed in refineries across the world, and the reliability of our solutions have been proven under live conditions for many years. The operating data that we have collected over the years has allowed us to continuously improve our solutions for higher efficiency and longer operating cycles.

Full support from A to Z

We customize our services to the needs of every customer and project. Below is a list of the standard services we offer. These are often tailored to our customers’ requirements and offered in packages. Please contact us to learn more about how we can support you.

  • Process optimization workshop
  • Feasibility study support
  • Basic design optimization
  • FEED support
  • Equipment selection and design
  • Installation and commissioning support

Aftermarket service

Once your new investment is up and running, Alfa Laval’s service department can assist with different types of cleaning, repairs and upgrades throughout the lifetime of your equipment. We also offer performance and conditions audits and fully customized service agreements.

Learn more about our service offerings

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