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Webinars | Past topics

Energy webinars

Performance Certification for Sustainability - AHRI

Performance Certification of plate heat exchangers will make sure that the chillers' evaporator and condenser are working at design evaporation and condensation parameters. Watch the webinar with our performance certification expert to eliminate uncertainty about thermal performance in plate heat exchangers and reach your sustainability targets.

The webinar will demonstrate how your companies will:

  • contribute to sustainability targets
  • save money
  • reduce carbon foot print 

with performance certified plate heat exchangers

Food & Water webinars

Cut Fermentation & Cleaning time and boost brewing capacity

Watch the Alfa Laval on-demand webinar with our hygienic expert to gain tips on how to clean your tanks with less time, water, and cleaning chemicals using best-in-class technology. You will also learn how to reduce fermentation time and at the same time increase alcohol content by using Alfa Laval rotary jet mixing technology.

Marine webinars

Succeed in ballast water treatment

Ballast water treatment is all about protecting the environment. But acquiring a ballast water treatment system is all about your needs: being able to sail smoothly, with timely deliveries and fulfilled obligations towards your customers. “What’s the best fit for your fleet?” The answer in ballast water treatment isn’t necessarily a simple one. How do you know which parameters to look at? And what insights will a type approval certificate really give you? Find out during the on-demand webinar.
We’ll also look into how to approach a BWTS project and key takeaways to make it successful.  For many organizations, already working at their limit in terms of capacity, find the additional effort needed to take on a BWTM project challenging, and difficult to spend the time needed. How can you execute the project in the most efficient way, and what to expect from the BWTS maker?