Cleaning-in-Place pays for itself

Cleaning-in-Place CIPWhen fouling occurs, an Alfa Laval CIP system enables quick and easy in-line cleaning of heat exchangers and high-speed separators without dismantling your equipment. In addition, Alfa Laval can engineer a custom CIP solution to meet your specific requirements, such as a very large heat exchanger installation or hazardous areas that require explosion-proof equipment.

Reduced operating costs

By eliminating the repeated and unnecessary opening of your equipment, you drastically reduce both spare parts consumption and the number of man-hours required for cleaning.

Cleaning-in-Place CIP

Quick, effective cleaning

Alfa Laval CIP systems connect directly to your heat exchanger or separator connections and circulate a mixture of heated non-toxic cleaning agents that effectively remove scale, product deposits and bio-fouling. This leaves process surfaces clean and restores the performance of your equipment.

Modular CIP systems

Choose from a broad range of Alfa Laval CIP modules and systems manufactured in stainless steel or polyethylene for the very smallest modules.

Individually designed CIP systems – Suitable for very large heat exchangers that require individually engineering CIP solutions.