Heat transfer solutions for OEM

Competitive advantages

You want to be the best at what you do, and we can help you get there. Our heat transfer solutions are not only optimized for your application, they are customized to your specific needs. Whether you need a highly advanced piece of optimized engineering or the most cost-effective solution possible, Alfa Laval’s dedicated R&D teams, global network and more than 130 years of experience will make sure you get exactly that.

Committed to your success

We want our customers to be successful. Which is why our proactive R&D teams are constantly looking for innovative new ways to optimize your capacity, efficiency and competitiveness. And as a long-term partner, we are dedicated to ensuring the durability of your solutions and ensuring that they are future-proof.

We also ensure that your solutions are delivered swiftly and securely thanks to our vast global distribution organization and local service and support network.

Alfa Laval's strength

Alfa Laval’s success in creating the industry’s best OEM solutions is largely due to our four main strengths:

  • Application focus based on constantly examining the specific needs and priorities of each application area and evaluating and developing different solutions for the various industries.
  • Market and customer insight based on dialogue with our customers and our application knowledge.
  • Customer focus based on being a long-term solutions provider with global reach and a local presence. We understand the challenges and logistics of volume production and the importance of timing.
  • Product focus based on our mission to develop products with greater flexibility and efficiency that benefit our customers’ application demands.

OEM applications

Heat pumps

  • Ground source
  • Water source
  • Air source (including cascade and CO2 systems)

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  • Boilers
  • Domestic hot water
  • Solar

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Air conditioning

  • Air cooled scroll chillers
  • Air cooled screw chillers
  • Water cooled scroll chillers
  • Water cooled screw chillers
  • Direct expansion systems

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Combined heating and power

  • Sterling
  • Fuel cells
  • ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle)

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Industrial applications

  • Wind power
  • Air dryers
  • Air compressors
  • Process cooling
  • Transport refrigeration

Engine & transport

  • Engine cooling (oil. air, lube)
  • Engine oil and fuel filtration
  • Transmission oil cooling
  • Hydraulic oil cooling
  • Heat recovery

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