spiral equipment audit

Expert insights into your spiral heat exchanger’s health

Alfa Laval’s spiral heat exchangers are engineered to provide decades of dependable and sustainable performance in process duties, for slurries and high viscous fluids, make short work of other types of heat exchangers. But even the toughest equipment needs proper care and periodic upkeep to get the longest, most productive service life – with the lowest total cost of ownership. With added support from our local service experts, you can count on your spiral heat exchanger delivering truly sustainable uptime.

Key benefits

  • Extending the lifecycle of your spiral heat exchanger and protecting your original investment
  • Minimize the total cost of ownership of your unit
  • Improve process sustainability with the highest long-term efficiency
  • Protect your equipment, operators and processes from unforeseen problems
  • Optimized service intervals

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When is the service right for me? Consider the services when:

  • Reliability is essential to your production
  • Planning scheduled maintenance
  • You encounter operational issues
  • Designing your ideal service schedule

Who does the audit?

The audits are performed by experienced Alfa Laval service specialists.

How do you get the results?

Following inspection, you will receive a comprehensive report detailing the current condition of your equipment with recommendations for your optimal maintenance programme. In a Performance Audit, this report includes added information about the operation of your heat exchanger in the full context of its environment, including information on hydraulic and thermal performance.